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Roof Specialist Services


We provide a complete range of services including:

Roof restoration
Improve the street appeal and increase your property resale value by restoring broken, cracked and aged terracotta tiles by pressure spray cleaning, sealer, primer and new color matched Dulux Acra tex roof protection.
Roof Repairs
Call us to discuss your roof repair requirements.
Colorbond / Zinalume reroofing Is the replacement of weathered metal roofs as a general repair or from storm damage.  Re-roofing an old building can make it look almost brand new again and is designed to match the colour tone and scheme of your home or building.
Metal roofing In modern times metal roofing has become increasingly popular with the choice of colorbond colour schemes available to colour match your home style, guttering and period age.  Metal roofing is lighter than tiles, and available in many shapes and attract long warranty periods.
Terracotta tiling We can tile or re-tile terra cotta tiles on new and existing homes matching tiles to the age or period of your home.
Guttering New or replacment of existing guttering that is aged or storm damaged can be colour matched to your roofing and home style with many colorbond guttering profiles and fascias available.
Valleys replaced Valleys are metal paths between the pitch of a roof where alot of water is directed and leaks ocour if they are old and worn, particularly if your home is under a large gum tree it can be a common source of leaking.
Demossing / Pressure cleaning Moss can grow on roofs pushing tiles apart that can lead to leaks as well as being less visually appealing.  Generally when a roof is demossed, it is pressure washed and treated with an anti fungal solution to stop the moss returning.  It is a periodic maintenance for tiled roofs, some say every 20 years.
Re sealing A work process that involves assessing a roof for broken tiles, cladding or sheets for leaks or damage, checking seals around roof valleys and flashing and gutters, detailed cleaning and pressure washing, removing dirt, applying treatments, primers, coloured sealants, repoint ridge capping.  The outcome is not only an attractive roof that is coloured to match your home and increase it street appeal but also ensures that your roof will continue to protect your home from leaks.
Re colouring Sometimes it is not necessary to replace a roof, after replacing broken tiles it can be restored by recoloring.  Today there are specific products on the market designed for heat reflection and sealing that provide a colour coordinated roof colour to match guttering and your house paint style.
Tile roof replacements If your tiled roof is too old and needs to be replaced, the process involves total removal and disposal of all tiles, batons installed, tiles installed, ridge capping is rebedded and repointed.  Sometimes customers decied to replace tiles with steel roofing, known as tiles off, metal on.
Restoring Tiled Roof Extending the life of your terracotta tiled roof with periodic maintenance, which generally needs to occur every 20 years.  Replacing tiles, cleaning, demossing, repointing and rebedding, painting are all carried out.  For period style houses, it maybe best to restore a tiled roof to maintain is original features.
Asbestos is a very dangerous fibre that has life threatening dangers.  Removal is taken very seriously, our procedures meet both Worksafe Victoria and the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) standards, Special protective closthing, gloves and face masks are work during the removal, the area is then vacuumed to ensure no fibres or hazardous materials are left behind.