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“Terracotta tile restoration – we will have your roof looking fantastic!”


The process is as follows:

  1. We do a full inspection to access what action is required.
  2. Worksafe Victoria – due to height regulations guard rails need to be temporarily erected around the perimeter of your home. It is against the law to carry out any work without the guard rails being installed. The penalties are severe.
  3. All broken tiles are replaced and water courses are checked to make sure the roof is water tight.
  4. Valley replacement if required – the valley irons may have rusted and if so need to be replaced. This is a matter of removing the old and replacing it with new Zincalume or Colorbond, depending on the roof type.
  5. High pressure cleaning – the roof is pressure cleaned using a powered water blaster (3,500 psi) making sure to clean the surface form debris, dirt, pollution, lichen etc. The tiles must be as clean as possible as to allow maximum adhesion for the coatings.
  6. Rebedding – this is removing all the old cement bedding. All the ridgecaps are removed and set aside, all the old loose cement mortar is removed, the surface is blown clean providing a clean surface for the new mortar. We use a bedding frame to ensure the resetting of the ridge caps are straight and level.
  7. Repair or replace any lead flashings.
  8. Repointing – the roof is repointed with a flexible pointing compound in a colour to match. The pointing compound will not crack; it is specially formulated to adhere to the ridge caps.
  9. Gutters are cleaned, any leaves, dirt or debris will be removed.